Friday, June 4, 2010

What's Inspiring Me

What's inspiring me right now?  Sustainable products... There are many beautiful products on the market with more elements of  sustainability than ever before. Most manufacturers are including more and more items in their product lines that emphasize green living. I recently had a client with extreme allergies so I sourced fabrics low in chemical exposure. Here are designs that incorporate sustainable products beautifully. Concrete floors, teak ceilings, bamboo bedding, non VOC paint, recycled copper, recycled glass and recycled plastics for carpet are common green materials .  This list is not all inclusive.  New green products are coming to market all the time. Many are made in the US but there are imports too.
Breath easy at night ... no off gassing with these materials 
Non VOC paint and recycled glass make a wonderful outdoor LA Times
Teak teamed with stainless steel create a posh modern Copat kitchen

 Teak on the ceiling, non VOC paint on the walls, a rug dyed with natural dyes... Is that the aesthetic you're working toward?

 Q Collection  fabric and furniture uses non toxic materials in their manufacturing process. You wont find toxic glues and  formaldehyde in their furniture

The Todhunter Sofa
Kiss My Arse Recliner

Acrobat - Mustard seed/Charcoal  -to the trade

How about bamboo & reeds for window shades?
  Pair woven shades with traditional drapes - photo:Traditional Home

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