Sunday, May 30, 2010

Small Water Features

If you love water features in the garden and want a water feature but don't have much space in your yard consider these...
....a place to stick a toe in... cool the feet.... want to hear the sound of water running to muzzle street  noise?  I have two suggestions. One, add a water feature to your small yard or townhouse garden then get a birdcage with a couple of singing birds.... The impact will be such that you'll  want to spend the entire summer outside.

As long as a pot can hold water it can be used for a water feature.

Add a small bird bath as your water feature in a very small garden.

This well designed garden can be scaled for a smaller spacer too.
 Sometimes all you may have to work with is a corner. I love the way this garden also uses plantings in pots to add variety to the foliage surrounding the water feature.

Here is another example of a water feature that can be scaled for a smaller space.
When your garden wall is shorter.... adjust the size of your pool.



Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I would love to add a water feature on my front porch. Since I have cleared out all my projects.

Red River Interiors said...

I will hunt down a great porch water feature for you.

Christ said...

These are all great water features, I've always wanted a koi pond, but unfortunately I don't really have the space or budget for it. Thanks for sharing this and showing me what you can do with limited space. I especially like the 3rd one down, that glass like surface is beautiful.

Water Features Perth said...

All of these water features are great.

Water Features Perth

james White said...

I had to get a smaller water pump for old water feature. It on my flats balcony and helps me sleep. I cant sleep now without the trickle of water, going to have to get one of those water cd in the mean time

Ann Bingley Gallops said...

Really nice water features here for small gardens! I used one of your photos with a link back in my Feng Shui post about water features -- hope you like it :)