Friday, June 18, 2010

Trending Red

If there were a color in the world I couldn't live without.... it would have to be red. Red uplifts, energizes. It's the color, when added to a room, changes it's entire dynamic. Red walls, red sofas, red accessories.....just say it with red!     

Miles Redd

Alesandra Branca


AStarrii said...

wow I'm not a particular big fan or red but these pictures make me motivated to use red in my home.

The Drapery Shop said...

Why tease me like this? You know red is my favorite.

Storm Doors Should Always Be Red! said...

I adore red! It works so well as an overall color and an accent.

Red is one of those colors that always seems to sneak into my designs, even when I have made an effort to keep it out.

Red simply is tenacious

John Candalino