Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stage It

Now that the $8,000 tax credit  for home purchases has expired and sales have slowed it may be a bit harder to sell your home.  If you have a house sitting on the market or thinking about listing one your property must be in tip top shape.  It  may take an excess of 180 days to get a contract in most metro areas. That's when its time to bring in help. Staging is very different than decorating.  A staged home must be attractive, up to date in furnishings but not too personal.  Most homeowners find it challenging to separate  themselves from their home.  Professional staggers add a trained eye that minimizes a homes flaws and maximizes its best features. If you live in the DC metro area and have a special property that's yearning to show it's wow factor... contact:
Here are 10 of my staging tips to help you get your property sold  faster:

1. Always paint...use a neutral color pallet overall


2. Keep furniture to a maximizes room size

3. Stage adjoining rooms as a single space

4. Float the opens up the room

5. Upgrade builder grade light fixtures

6. Refresh tiles in kitchens and baths by regrouting

7. Stripe an accent wall to create visual interest in a condo

8. Create a master bedroom that appeals to both men and women
9. Don't forget the backyard...a fence keeps out intruders

10. If the outside isn't appealing they won't come in


Acanthus and Acorn said...

Sage advice...especially replacing those bad builder light fixtures!!!

Anonymous said...

Fay, some of this looks like your house.

Ivy Lane said...

Great advice... I am a professional Realtor in the greater Cleveland area.... and you are right... many Sellers cannot "part" with their personal items... I feel I am pretty good at helping them "stage" their homes..still..some just are hard nuts to crack...especially people with pets..for some reason...they just don't get that the cat's litter box out in the open is not going to be appealing to buyers touring their home!!