Thursday, January 13, 2011

What I Love about Candice

What I love about Candice Olson is... her interiors never disappoint. Case in point... this city loft.  It's sophisticated, polished and the finishes are up to date. Her choices of stainless and silver make an elegant impact.  From the floors to the sheer mesh draperies this space has many resting places for the eye.  Chocolate brown instead of black adds softness to the decor that works well with the taupe and cream palette.  What draws the eye up are the chocolate cabinets and the chocolate shades on the chandeliers.  Margo chandeliers are from the Candice Olson Lighting Collection. This collection works well with both a contemporary or traditional aesthetic. The Margo comes in three sizes with a choice of a cream poly silk shade also.  Another of my favorites from the collection is the Cosmo pendant. Check out the link for the entire collection and decide which is your favorite. Considering a new fixture?... email me.   We sell the entire collection !!

A little bling goes a long way to accent this sleek, trim chandelier. The Margo
is available in a 4,6, or 9 bulb configuration.

Cosmo - Oil rubbed  bronze with silver accents/dark linen hard back shade. The Cosmo
 fixture is hand crafted so no two are exactly alike. 
Satin brass with silver accents/beige poly silk hard back shade 

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A well plan design and elegant.
Thanks for sharing.