Sunday, May 2, 2010

Accessorize with Color

There's nothing that pulls a room together more than great accessories! If you're shy about splashing your walls with chili powder red or mango mist then add an accessory in a beautiful bold color to... set it off.
Other ways to accessorize are with collections such as themes and again using color groupings.

These citronelle pillows say,"Pick me up and hug me".

Faux malachite tables

What a cute collection of blue ceramic fish.

Accessorize with accent pieces that add to the conversation.

Add a stack of red leather quilted boxes to a desk top for storage and a pop of color.

all photos by: Global Views

2 comments: said...

To me those pillows say, "throw me at someone you love, just for the fun of it" PILLOW FIGHT!!!

Michelle said...

Those citronella pillows are amazing! And, I love boxes...I think I actually have a little box sickness.'s rediculous. Those red ones are great!

Thanks for your email today!!