Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mark Hampton's Home

 Mark Hampton was one of  America's high profile classic decorator's and his style lives on. Since his death in 1998 his wife, Duane Hampton still lives in the Park Avenue apartment she and Mr. Hampton moved into in 1971. Mr Hampton redecorated the apartment in 1991 and although Mrs. Hampton has made changes much remains in homage to the decorator. I love the feel of this beautifully decorated space. It's sumptuous and elegant. The walls,... decorated with richly patterned wallpaper. The use of color draws the eye and I absolutely love the lavish use of fabric.... this style and space is timeless. 

  Duane Hampton is elegant on this tufted velvet couch.
photos: NY Times

Timeless is the only way to describe this richly decorated space...especially the fabrics.

The use of color adds a muted drama to the dining room.

The silver wallpaper adds the WOW factor.

Once it was decorator Alexa Hampton's bedroom... now Duane Hampton's office.

Known for his numerous water colors, they now fill the kitchen

A classic Mark Hampton Design... still fresh today.


Michelle said...

I so remember his home featured in, I think, HB back in teh 80's. That brown LR with white millwork is unforgettable. His family was featured with him, Alexa being in college at the time, around the DR table.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have his watercolours framed like that...and that utilitarian clock right in the center...like they aren't precious.


Blue Artichoke Interiors said...

I love this apartment. So elegant and definitely timeless decor.