Monday, January 18, 2010

Turquoise for 2010

Turquoise is the color for 2010....Start looking for it everywhere. It also works in concert with 2009 color mimosa... This color can be used in any room in the house in fabrics, wallpaper or in accent pieces.

Don't be afraid to add turquoise with coordinating prints.


Love the touch of mimosa - Designers Guild

Use turquoise to add a splash of color.

image: House Beautiful

A great piece for a contemporary room.

Add various shades of blue to turquoise for a monochromatic look.


Sally Lee™ said...

You have one of my favorite blogs and I have listed you as a Happy 101 Blog Award winner.

Red River Interiors: said...


...thanks for the compliment, I love blogging and writing about design...Hope to keep everyone posted on upcoming projects... Fay

Hapi said...

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