Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Comfort

It's been very cold here in Northern Virginia since mid December  I can deal with a few gloomy days but we're going into our third week of beyond cold for our area. All I want to do every morning is just stay in bed... Since I can't do that all day I can drool over beautiful stylish  bedrooms  from some of my favorite designers. These bedrooms inspire one to pull the covers up and stay warm and cozy... until the weather breaks.

Why would I ever want to leave this bedroom? The red velvet  headboard is Moroccan inspired and reminds me of the red fez hats worn in Morocco and Turkey.

Another Moroccan inspired headboard. This one designed by Jonathan Berger is full of detail... love the mix of pattern and color in this room...skillfully done.

   Celedon on the walls and a  Alessandra Branca headboard is offset with cool white bed covers.

Pairing Morrocan woodwork with pink would have been the furthest thing from my mind but it works very well  here..

This is why we like Michael S. Smith so much. Traditional sensibilities with an updated touch.
When do we get to see what he's done in the residential quarters at the White House?

One can never go wrong with soft and pretty in the bedroom. The floral fabrics in this room pull the solid colors together nicely.   

Let's hear it for the ultimate man cave!

A room this well designed appeals to both the masculine and feminine side. The faux fur adds texture and a glam factor to the room.   

all images from House Beautiful 2007-2009


Judith HeartSong for VisArts said...

Wonderful places to nestle in..... I am wearing lots of layers.

Cote de Texas said...

beautiful pictures - i love the branca headboard!

cityfarmer said...

I pretty much adore them all, but I could take a dive right into that faux fur ...

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

loved all this eye candy! Thanks