Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Job Style

I've worked in a lot of offices in the DC metro area and what disturbs me more than anything in the workplace is a poorly planned office and "ugly" office furniture. Who can work comfortably in some of these environments? Did anybody give forethought to how people work before they threw a bunch of gray cubicle panels up in a large white room and assign it as a work space? Did anybody think about adequate lighting and noise reduction? After many complaints by employees nothing changes. I would like to tell every facilities manager...get a consultant to help you! Make a few improvements if a full renovation isn't in the budget. A little paint... a few stylish chairs, do some space planning . I won't give any specific horror stories but if you work in one of those panelled cubicles unite and speak up and out for.... Job Style.

Red energizes...how stunning in this library
image: Traditional Home

I could work all day and night here and stay inspired and productive. Style is not cost prohibitive. But it is thought provoking.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with recycling an old government issue swivel chair.

Can someone please teach this girl the calender management feature in Outlook?
Is the biggest priority the purple or the hot pink Post-Its?
Is this inspiring anyone to productivity? How many shades of gray can you count?

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Kwana said...

Now I love this chair!