Sunday, February 24, 2008


image: Red River Interiors

I have been tagged by Arch at her site... Well, the rules are I have to write 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 other fellow bloggers to do the same. Here goes:

1. Red is my favorite color... it energizes me
2. I drove cross country from Calif to Virginia...loved it
3. Would love to decorate for Dr. Robin Smith
4. Traveled to five countries in Africa when I was single
I can always find the silver lining in any situation
6. Taught my son that"Mommy is so very smart", when he was 2
7. He still believes it...he's 13!


robyn said...

Hi Fay, thanks for the tag. I actually was tagged not that long ago and shared about myself then. Loved reading your blog. : )

Kwana said...

I perfect thing to teach your son and to have him still feel it at 13 say's you're really doing something right!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love yours. You have great style.