Saturday, February 2, 2008

Casa Midy

There's nothing like natural materials to convey old world artistry. Mexico is know for it's silver mining which dates back to the time of Cortes. These bold mirrors from Casa Midy were created with the hacienda in mind. Elegance and grandeur are their hallmark.

The beauty of the Casa Midy bed could never be captured other than by the silver artisans of Mexico. The city of Taxco celebrates their artistry by holding an annual silver festival in late November. Because of the detail and intricate design in these headboards bedding should be minimal and understated.
How about a hallway of leather tiles under foot? Designers are finding new ways to use natural products. Leather tiles are becoming increasingly popular on walls as well. When you want to warm up a stark space and add a bit of texture...try leather on the walls or floor.


ALI said...

hats off the the human innovation and creativity...



Kari & Kijsa said...

All beautiful and luxurious!
kari & kijsa

Red River Interiors said...

Kari & Kijsa

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KreativeMix said...

Very very beautiful.........!!!

Red River Interiors said...


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{this is glamorous} said...

These images are beautiful--especially like the Casa Midy bed in the third image--stunning!