Friday, February 29, 2008


Keeping a kitchen practical during a rehab isn't always easy. With high end stainless appliances and granite counter tops being all the rage budgets can quickly go out the window. There are ways to bring the cost under control and end up with a design that is beautiful, highly functional and doesn't break the bank. My dear friend Suzette lives in Atlanta and is redoing her country kitchen. We used to be roommates in San Jose and had great experiences in our kitchen. Now she wants to bring her country kitchen a bit forward and I thought I'd post these shots to give her a few ideas since I can't be there. I'm doing as much as I can over the phone to walk her through it. Often small touches of detail add so much to a space with little cost...the right cabinet knobs, a few glass doors, under mount lighting, and a 4x4 tile backsplash!!....Enjoy Susie!!
image: Red River Interiors
image: Red River Interiors


Artistic Lifestyling said...

Hello there!

I love the dual colors used in the kitchen cabinetry at the bottom.

And the seating... I thought about doing banquette seating in my last kitchen but thought about all that sliding back and forth to sit down and being blocked in when you need to get up. I still love the look though. And all that extra storage! Very nice photos. Good luck in the remodel Suzette

Red River Interiors said...


Good to hear from you.
I also love the banquette in the kitchen and the round table.Suzette will send pix when the job is done...I'll post...Fay