Saturday, May 26, 2012

We're Back

Domino is back and so am I. Sometimes you have to restructure before you resurrect. Though this special issue is different than the original... It does inspire with quick and easy fixes for any space. It may be short lived... but, I'm glad it's back.

As much has changed in the shelter mag world much has changed for me. I'm busy with my son's D1 AA college football pursuits. It keeps me on the road from visits to gyms, trainers, scouts and camps. There's an incredible amount of planning that goes into it. Just when I think he's caught up with cleat's he changes color schemes on me and now red just won't do. He's extremely color oriented when it comes to football gear... I don't wonder why.

He's the kid that hauled fabric samples, fan decks, and steel tape measures from house to car and accompanied me over the years to design and measurement appointments. I'm not totally shocked about his desire to color coordinate gloves and cleats with his football uniform.

I've started a few new pursuits of my own and excited about the opportunity to continue to work in the design field. I now work in the design studio of a large builder working with all aspects of interior fixtures and finishes. I'm also working with a group that's developing a soft goods textile line.... more to come on that. I've missed blogging and am catching up reading all my favorites.


Lisa said...

Love your blog and thanks so much for visiting mine! Now I'm curious what you did with your couch find a few months back. Looks like a fun project!

Red River Interiors said...

Hey Lisa:

I collect fabric and didn't
like any in my collection
for this piece. I'm planning
a trip to the DuraLee outlet
in NYC next month to stock up on fabric. I'm sure I'll find
something fun...
stay tuned... Fay