Friday, September 30, 2011

A Girl's Room

Looking up at the paper shades nestled atop my favorite ethereal turquoise color one can imagine staring up at the sky through the clouds. A girl's room should be special.  Every girl wants a little drama sometime. That's just what this room delivers but in a quiet way.  It's a simple achievement and easy on the budget. Pier1 has sold these paper lanterns for years...grab a bunch in the same color. Next choose your favorite shade of turquoise and a bit of fabric to match the leading edge for the ready made curtains.  The fabric band is a no sew project.. just cut and iron it on with "Stitch Witch". This room delivers high impact and lots of fun on a budget... and isn't that what every girl wants? 
Curtains that keep the mood going... with a band of blue the curtains tie in with the ceiling
School has began and this study corner has been completed just in time.

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Art Home Furnishings said...

A group of paper lantern is a nice decor item. But it looks nice in rooms with high ceiling.