Friday, August 19, 2011

Gray Matters

  In the interior decor world Grays are getting lots of play these days... especially walls. I think we're just catching on to their versatility and how to use them.  With their many undertones they can be used as neutrals. Warm up the gray palette with wood finishes and colorful textiles. Gray has always worked well as an accent color.  What draws me into a gray space is the serenity created by the color. Pair it with soft textiles and let the space become an open invitation to the dweller.

Rooms by designer Mary McDonald don't always come across simple.  But, this one does.  It's soft, elegant with straight clean lines from the drapes to the moulding.

This is one of my favorite grays... Sherwin Williams - Gray Area SW7052.

The finished living room... Gray Area.

Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray SW7644 brings a soothing sophisitication to urban living.

The best of contemporary gray.

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Dara said...

So very lovely!!! I wish my bedroom was that tranquil :)