Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Hot

You're gonna love the three Red Hot picks this month:
This has got to be the Red Hottest wall covering I've ever's great for apartment dwellers....Tempaper. The vinyl coated self adhesive wallpaper is also perfect for lining cabinets and drawers. Use it on an accent wall or line the back of a plain stock bookcase then paint the outside of the bookcase a high gloss contrasting color.  You'll be amazed. 

 The Mini Chair. Not only does this chair have a vintage flair it's modern aesthetic works with any design style. When it comes to comfort this chair is no mini. It sits lean and low. Upholstered in the plushest white leather...wrap yourself  in this beauty and relax.
Mimi Chair

Miriam Aust's vase and lamp design is hot! The combination of a translucent glass vase filled with aquatic plants and converted into a table lamp is uniqueOnce the waterproof light bulb is integrated in the design what emerges is something green and fresh.

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