Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pretty Spaces

These days there's so much in the news that's distressing.  That's rather normal for the news but for the past month the distress factor has risen.  Today I just want to get away and look at pretty spaces by some wonderful's a privilege to do so.

Pacific Palisades: Designer Heather Bland -Love the flat Roman Shades
LA Times

Designers Kit and Tim Kemp's London townhouse: They like the many shades of pink as much as I.

Stylish Manhattan apartment feels like a cloud above the city scape.

Brooklyn Townhouse: Designer Jonathan Berger- Who wouldn't want those pink leather chairs?
House Beautiful


Mary said...

Thanks Fay for the brief get away. It was like a 30 second vacation. LoL..... By the way I love the tufted ottoman/bench. Using the off white ottoman added extra seating to the room, uses some of the floor space but because of the color it's not overpowering. Love it!

home decor said...

GORGEOUS. It's beautiful and cosy at the same time! Amazing job.