Monday, November 15, 2010

Husbands and Wives

When it comes to the bedroom most husbands don't want to feel as though it's been decorated without him in mind. I haven't met the guy who's comfortable in a frilly pink bed covered with  fluffy lace pillows. After all, he sleeps there too.  So, what I do suggest to bring him into the fold is choosing fabrics and colors that he can live with. Why this bedroom works for husband and wife has a lot to do with color and fabric. The blue is a soft ethereal shade that brings softness to the room. The fabric choices  are complimentary. The plaid brings in the masculine side while the brown velvet on the duvet is for her. The pillows are in many shapes and sizes. Accessories round out the room with chunky night stands and feminine lamps. I like pretty in the bedroom but when it's shared by the man of the house it can't be pink.

image: Red River Interiors

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Anonymous said...

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