Saturday, September 25, 2010


Robert Allen and DwellStudio have partnered to create luxurious printed and woven residential fabrics with a bold and innovative color palette. This collaboration brings a distinctive modern aesthetic and  an update to classic graphic designs.  Although highly contemporary I wouldn't hesitate to use them to add punch to a traditional setting also.  These fabrics are wonderful...they feel good to the touch and are natural fibers.... Try them in your next design project.


Gate/Citrine from Robert Allen - Cotton/Linen blend  Retail $65.00/yd
Sale $39.99/yd

Gate/Jade from Robert Allen
Try mixing the graphic and vintage prints. You can find the bedding at DwellStudio and the fabrics from Robert Allen.  All of these fabrics are natural fibers of linen/cotton blend or 100% cotton.... See a fabric you like... let us know by email. Wsell fabric and discount all fabrics.  

Vintage Blossom/Dove by Robert Allen - 100% Cotton -  Retail $44/yd
Sale $29.99/yd

Vintage Blossom/Citrine by Robert Allen

Boteh/Camel by Robert Allen - 100% Cotton - Retail $44/yd

Sale $29.99/yd

Boteh/Jade by Robert Allen

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