Monday, November 2, 2009

Holiday Guest Room

It's November. We're about to enter the holiday season. Airline ticket prices are, isn't this the perfect time to fly home for the holidays? I plan to head to the coast. No staycation here. I've done enough of that. I do remember my way to San Jose.... California that is... silicon valley... the Bay Area. It's time to visit family and friends. But, if you're staying put and having overnight guest....why not spruce up that unused guest room? You know the one that doubles as an office, craft room and a catch all.
Airline travel can be tiresome and rushed during the holiday season so before your guest arrive pull out all the decorating stops. Paint, de-clutter, buy new bedding, update accessories. Give the room the formality of being the designated guest room. If... only for a week.

Transitional and Glamours

This room has the feel of a boutique hotel

image: Coastal Living

Sleek and Contemporary

Just a bit moody.... Love It

Traditional and Refined
Anyone traveling to the low country?

Where's the girly girl?

Ya got ta love her.

image: Red River Interiors

'Country Living"

Serene small space in the attic
Image: Country Living

For the lady who loves red... I know I do.

image: Red River Interiors


Anonymous said...

Wow Fay, I love this post. I plan on doing both. Heading to Atlanta for Thanksgiving and having guest in my home for Christmas. You've motivated me. I'm going to spruce up the spare bedroom.

Zuniga Interiors Design Studio said...

That Coastal Living bedroom is one of my favourites!


Anonymous said...

Is this last bed room yours?