Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why Color Is King

Every designer knows the quickest and most exciting way to add drama to a room is with color. Most of us are afraid to use it and when we do it's often ineffective. Homeowners should work with a color consultant to assist in coming up with a coordinated color pallet that takes color from room to room. Color evokes lots of emotion. I love cool colors in common living areas with a contemporary style. One of the places I turn for color inspiration is nature. You can't go wrong when pulling a color pallet together pulling colors from nature. I learned this tip from a friend years ago when putting our first apartment together.

When using textiles for drapes and rugs look for dominate colors in the fabrics for accessories and wall color. This is a simple way to start when attempting to coordinate a space.
I always think color should be used dramatically...after all, we don't live in a black and white world.

Lilac and yellow are beautiful contrast in this aster.

I love the way this girl's room mimics the colors in the above aster.

See how this floral patch relates to the space below

Shades of green are soft and calm and work wonderfully in a bedroom.

Soft shades of green create a peaceful here.

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Developing Designs said...

Color makes the biggest impact in a space. Once people realize how it can effect it in a positive way, they will never go back :) Color inspiration as you have shown is all around us, especially in nature.