Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beauty and the Bath

Call me a bath girl.... always have been... always will be. Beautifully designed with the latest in tiles and fixtures... Soaking or jetted tubs. I've not seen a tub I can't appreciate. A beautiful bathroom is a place to experience quiet time, pamper yourself, unwind and rejuvenate. I do my best thinking in the tub. Here are some of my favorites from my style files. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do...Which is your favorite?

For the glamour girl... this is the bathroom for you. This is where I'd love to spend my bath time every night. Glass cabinets and vanity hint of old Hollywood glamour.

OK... I'm not a fan of the quickie shower but this contemporary beauty speaks for itself.

Elegance and old world charm make this bathroom a great escape.... it's rather First Ladyish to me.
Who can resist the fun in this copper soaking tub.... great use of materials to add the WOW factor.... candle light and a glass of Merlot always help one relax after a hectic week.

Slate tiles, river rock mat and warm wood counters add an organic feel that embraces nature.
This is a sophisticated and classic design by Michael S. Smith. As designer of the White House residence I wonder what he's done with the First Lady's bath.

The White House staff guest quarters bathroom received this 1952 renovation.


thedraperyshop said...

Wow, "Calgon take me away".

Things That Inspire said...

When I was a child, one of the first rooms I ever remember thinking 'wow' about (from a decor perspective) was a richly colored powder room in the home of a friend. I have always found bathrooms to be such a comforting place - and I too love baths (probably because my family is British, where some people never shower - they bathe!).

DesignTies said...

Wow, these are some GREAT bathrooms!! They all have something I love -- well, except for that last one ;-) LOVE the Hollywood glam bathroom with the mirrored vanities. And the copper tub is fabulous!!

Kelly @ DesignTies

nicolette said...

Michael Smith's bathroom is by far my favorite. It has a very consistent, warm tone, as well as the classic feel of a traditional bathroom. At the same time, the unique chair and sink, as well as the stone mat makes it really unique. Really endearing.


Cote de Texas said...

beautiful - that first picture is unreal!!!!

Patrice said...

The sophisticated and classic design of Michael S. Smith is my favorite because it looks so tidy and fresh.

fashionable palette said...

Lovely bathrooms. If I could have one for myself, I'd have to go with the Michael S. Smith design. So classic. (I also love the first photo, but I might tire of all the glamour eventually, you know?)

Maria Killam said...

Those are really great. I have never seen the 'hollywood glam' mirrored dressers taken so far as to be built-ins in the bathroom!! Wow, very cool to see.

Anonymous said...

I've got to contact you to help with my bathroom. I'll be in touch.