Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Use What You Have

In this time of cutting back and frugal living for many of us, I purposed I would not spend one dime on decorating for an afternoon tea for a few ladies. I would simply...
use what I have.
After all, I know I can really make a room or any event happen with a fairly reasonable budget...but how about no budget? The only funds to be spent would be for food. Isn't that the most important part when a few long time girlfriends get together?
...good food...good company.
I started looking around and found a few items in the living room and transfered them to the buffet. As you can see I'm not a girl that's shy about color so everything works well for the Christmas season and my chili red dining room walls.... now what am I going to do for the food?

Most of these items I've collected over the years and haven't spent a lot of money doing it.

I decided to get daring this summer and paint the walls red


Ivy Lane said...

Quite lovely! The red is beautiful. I could go for a spot of tea right now!! :)

Laurie said...

Cozy wozy.
I agree, I will have a cup too.

esper_d said...

Now that's my kind of room, using what you have! I'd like to see more blogs like this. My fav. kind.