Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer Time

The words to the old classic song read, "summer time and the living is easy...". I absolutely believe that's the way it's supposed to be... Don't let the price of gas or the price increases in the airline industry stop you. But if you do, there's lots you can do to turn your back or front yard into a perfectly wonderful get away. Call it the perfect staycation!...Isn't that the new buzz word for not taking a get out of town vacation? Before I head to California where I intend to immerse myself in green design... I'll leave you with some ideas on making your outdoor space a spot to relax and have a good time.

The patio off the dining and living rooms extend entertaining onto the patio. The casual red chairs are from Design Within Reach and the Montego table is from Room and Board. Plant life always softens hard surfaces.
With this lush atrium the homeowners created an indoor space that rivals the tropics. Plantings include palms, ferns, and lilies set against Chinese slate tiles. The wicker chairs add to the tropical aesthetic.
I've always loved the non conventional style of Berkeley, California. That's what attracts me to this outdoor space. The front yard grass has been replace with bluestone pavers. Although you can't see it, there is a water feature included in this design. The design team of Huettl-Thuilot Associates created the perfect courtyard staycation spot.
With gravel under foot, glazed clay pots and the deep green foliage of an espaliered fig
combine to create an organic feel to this space. The dark exterior wall adds the drama... love it!
Bring on the night! I could staycation here with my friends any summer night.

Sources: Coastal Living, Sunset, Cottage Living


Ann said...

Those relaxing outdoor spaces are perfect place for chilling out this summer. Its fun to share those lovely spaces with family and friends. Heck, I'm already thinking of holding al fresco dinner and intimate barbeques.

lostinverobeach said...

Aaaah...I love these outdoor spaces and you are right, a little landscaping definitely softens the hard edges. I think landscaping makes or breaks a house. Too many houses around here are under landscaped!

Thanks for the great post!


Red River Interiors: said...

I agree with you. Even here most houses can use more landscaping which adds lots of curb appeal...It can make a space lots more inviting... love al fresco too... Fay

Alex said...

Wish I had the space for something like the atmosphere...if I could just move the property line???

Evolution - World said...

Its nice garden pics