Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eco Chic

As Americans become more eco minded we will continue to look for products and materials that are friendly to ourselves and the environment. While we have moved away from lead based paints, oil, and improve latex, interior paints have now evolved to low and non-VOC, it's a work in progress. Most fabric vendors for the home have incorporated environmentally friendly lines that include organic cottons and less chemically treated fabrics. Looking for ways to incorporate eco products into decor is becoming easier and more stylish. I'm always excited to find new ways to use recycled items. I hope you get busy incorporating some of these ideas into your space and thinking of new ones. Please don't hesitate to share your green ideas and products with me. There's only one earth, and ...we're all in it together.

Eco Glass - Chandelier of recycled champagne bottles that use low wattage bulbs add ambient lighting in this space. Recycled glass bulbs from Mexico hung from a ceiling.

Eco Chic - Use natural fabrics and earth tones to recreate this style.
Eco Bohemian - Natural fabrics, wicker lamp,and a few cacti
Eco Cotton- Slip covered sofas can be custom made in organic fabrics tt are washable.
Eco Urban- Kitchen cabinets made of straw board, amber bamboo ceiling, porcelain tile floors and a sheet metal wall add elegance and style to this urban setting.
Eco Cute - River rocks provide a home for a cute little ceramic frog...add cut foliage for an organic look.

Images: LA Times, NY Times, Red River Interiors, Traditional Home


Cheryl Janis said...

Love these rooms. I am a green designer, feng shui consultant and the writer of Planet Pink n' Green - http://www.planetpinkngreen.com - a daily eco-style blog that educates, inspires and celebrates all things eco-beautiful. Keep up your great work. --Cheryl Janis, writer Planet Pink n' Green - http://www.planetpinkngreen.com

Red River Interiors: said...

green is getting easier to find
and one of my biggest design interest, lots of education to do also

lana.y said...

Love your ideas...another company that is really into green and offers some really cool products is VisionBedding(http://www.visinbedding.com/)

They make custom fabrics, bedding, and home decor off of your designs - which means 1. You get to design it and it's so unique (can't get over how cool that is) and 2. Things are made on demand (no need to waste resources in inventory it's made right in the US - major energy saver!!) We love their products, and it allows us to design our own products - no more hassle of trying to "find what we're looking for"!!!

Jennae @ Green Your Decor said...

These rooms are absolutely stunning, and I love that they are green. Part of the resistance I encounter from those who are hesitant to go green is that their rooms will lack style. These photos clearly prove them wrong. My blog, http://www.greenyourdecor.com , is on a mission to help further disprove that. Great work!