Monday, July 7, 2008

Custom Sofas

Finding the perfect sofa isn't always an easy task. It's a place I like to start when putting together a living or family room. Once I determine how the occupants will use a room I then search for the most accommodating sofa style. Going custom allows for options. The sofa frames featured here come in more than one length. You're not boxed into one particular size. If your space is especially large there will be a length to meet its proportions. There are also options in seat cushions, welting, trims and fabric options are unending. Most vendors allow for COM(customer own materials) meaning you are not limited to the vendor's can find something elsewhere. Custom will cost a bit more than stock sofas but don't be afraid of that. You will have a piece that will last a lifetime and all you will ever need to do is reupholster when your color pallet changes... try it! You won't be disappointed.

Kravet -Andante Recamier

Kravet - Thornton
Kravet - Sausalito
Kraet - Tiberio
Kravet - Prelude

Duralee - Isle of Capri
Duralee - Monaco
Duralee - Westport
Duralee - Westside
French Antique


Quatrefoil Design said...

I know what I like, but I would never venture to pick a sofa myself (without a designer)! I think the scale of a sofa is so important for a room, and that is where a professional eye helps. I love your approach with clients - to see how they use the room before picking the sofa.

I was in Paris a few weeks ago, and so many of the furniture stores had these very deep lounging sofas. My aunt and I commented that they would be quite uncomfortable and would take up so much space!

Thanks for posting so many beautiful examples!

Red River Interiors: said...

I don't like clients to waste money and make mistakes so I always, always make a plan and ask questions...Fay

Mélanie said...

MY favorite : THE LAST ONE !!!
I love it

Tanushree Kohli said...

is there a full picture of the last picture