Thursday, June 26, 2008

White Spaces

White is defined as the absence of color. But what can be more refreshing in an interior space on a hot summer day than soothing white? It adds coolness and freshness to a space. Use it when planning special events. It makes everything else in the room pop! White calms an otherwise frenetic event and cools temperaments in a crowded room. It's the color of purity in a wedding. It's the opening of spring when added with shades of green. White walls, white floors seem to make furniture recede in a large space. Use it liberally to add contemporary flair and open up a small space. When you want to warm up white add a hint of color...such as Linen White and Navajo White...These whites are great in bedrooms, because they aren't stark. Color is great...but, when decorating with white use pillows, throws, seat cushions and art to add a punch of color. If you are looking to update a room white may be the best way to go.

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thedraperyshop said...

White is so calming and mind clearing. White allows me to relax and think. Thanks for your post Fay, they allow me to escape for a moment. Much Love Mary