Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Window Seats

There's something charming about a window seat. Traditionally it's been a place for storage with a cushion atop under a non descript window in a corner of the house where one seldom visits... not anymore! These window seats are made to be visited often. They are fashionable, functional, and provide a getaway in the confines of home. If you have a spot like this make it a place you can call your own...or a place for the kid in the house that likes to read... but not be alone.... or whatever....

The London shades seem to billow like clouds in the sky....what a lovely place to knit.

Can you sit high above Boston Harbor and find the line between water and sky?

Isn't it Romantic?

With stock kitchen cabinets there is always plenty storage available at this window seat. Cafe curtains and coordinating check cushions add to the simplicity of this decor.

image: This Old House Magazine
A perfectly traditional home with a perfectly traditional window seat...I like it!

With a table pulled up it's a cozy corner to dine.

I could pen my memoris here.

image: House Beautiful

The perfect reading nook.


Jodie said...

The first one really calls to me. You had me at "place to knit". :)

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

I love these... I have always wanted a window seat somewhere in my home. Someday:)

Red River Interiors said...


Don't wait too long....It's easy if you try the kitchen cabinet mounted to the floor...(see the white window seat)... Fay