Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where I want to be... Where I am...

Have you ever played that game with yourself... This is where I want to be... This is where I am? Well, if you haven't. I have. I do it all the time. Even when it seems as though the points between the two are insurmountable.
Currently, I'm running that drill through my head as I think about my backyard!! On this issue I, and my DH are in this together. I've committed myself and him to changing the complexion of our smallish townhouse backyard into something that's more than a wish. I'm not ashamed to let my blogger friends know...This is where I am....deer running through my unfenced yard eating the tops off my multicolored
day lilies. I have a beautiful deep purple butterfly bush, day lilies, Shasta daisies and a few other perennials. This is the spring to make sense of this yard and add structure to it....but first, I better add that fence... Take this journey with me as we turn our yard into an extension of our lives. In my minds eye I can see entertaining in a well planned and planted deck and yard. Ok, the challenge is out there to myself... Come back and check out updates as I travel to... where I want to be.

This is Where I Want to Be

images: Traditional Home

This is Where I am


Carolina Eclectic said...

The gardens you want to have are beautiful, but where you are is lovely too. How wonderful to look out and see a deer in your yard :)

Artistic Lifestyling said...

These are lovely inspiration photos. Do you have a landscape contractor in mind?

Ann said...

Hmmm...that's quite a challenge. I'm sure that's gonna be super exciting.

Hope to see pics of your progress someday.

Fay said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. No, I don't have a landscape contractor I know I can do this! I've laid out the design ...thought not to scale. I have to work around what I've previously planted, add the fence,deck and raised beds...then add more plantings...Hope it goes according to my flexable plans....stay tuned... Fay

Mélanie said...

I would like to in both places ! Where you want to be and where you are. Both look gorgeous