Thursday, March 27, 2008


Although I have a strong affinity for the use of natural elements in interior design and don't like rooms to look "made up" and stiff, I do have leanings toward a "proper"southern sensibility, that won't allow me to feel comfortable about a room unless the windows are properly dressed. I absolutely love drapes. It's the long flowing swooping fabric in lush silks, damask and heavy linens, always lined. Fringe it. Bead it. Embellish it the more. Then there are tie-backs, and decorative drapery rods, topped off with finials in an abundance of finishes. A well dressed window is like a well dressed woman of a certain age on her way down the red carpet. Glamorus, sophisticated, fabric flowing behind her as she strolls down the aisle....what a statement!

images: Traditional Home
Drapery Fabric: Florio Collection,Butterfly Vine/Moss and Lady Slipper Vine
Cabinets: Chinoiserie
Drapery Fabric: Translucent Muslin
Drapes: Real Simple Design
Walls: Painted by Design Red
Interior Designer, Gail Plechaty, Real Simple Design
Drapery Fabric: Red, Highland Court and Yellow JAB
Chandelier: AF Lighting, Candace Olson #6772-6H
Silk Drapes: Florio Collection
Chair & Bench Fabric: Nomi Fabrics
Black Leather Chair: John Rosselli & Assoc

Drapery Fabric: Raspberry Silk, Jim Thompson #3159104
Area Rug: Masland Carpet
Drapery Fabric: Robert Allen, "Hearts Journey/Shadow"
Daybed: Sutton Place
Chair: Baker, Thomas Pheasant #7841


Ann said...

Oh I love the second photo...

Lovely interiors ...

Nice and comfortable lounge chair.

Jodie said...

The red and yellow drapes are stunning! If they were in my house I think I'd sit in that spot and just look at them all day long.

I'm new here - I crossed over from Kwana Writes. I'm glad I did. I like what I see. ;)

About Emily... said...

I love that circus home in last month's Traditional Home. I think the designer did a great job of incorporated circus like elements without making the house look cheesy. Thanks for stopping by our blog! We will definitely be back to visit yours!

Emily @ Material Girls Blog

Mélanie said...

I love drapes so I could not choose which one is my favorite. They all have their own style