Friday, February 15, 2008

Decorative Artistry

Decorative painting can be used to enliven reclaimed architectural elements or to add age and a patina to new ones. During my "Richmond Walking Tour", in October I came across a cute store front studio on Boulevard Street. I got the impression it was only used as a working and storage space for the artist and not a retail store. Well, the work was simply beautiful and I couldn't help but take a few shots while standing on the sidewalk. From my vantage point the work was detailed and brought each piece to life. The paint color selections and the decorative effects used showed an artist with a discerning eye for detail. Large store front windows were displayed beautifully with natural elements such as granite and marble. There were area rugs, faux finished lamp shades and a host of projects. When I return to Richmond I hope to catch someone on the premises and glean insight on where and how they're using these pieces.....I was inspired...

images: Red River Interiors


Kari & Kijsa said...

Beautiful! What wonderful window shopping of eye candy!!

kari & kijsa

Red River Interiors said...

kari & Kijsa
thanks for stopping by this post was full of good visit often... Fay