Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Set It Up

(images: Red River Interiors)

Since moving from California I still haven't grown accustom to the winters in northern Virginia (although they're getting warmer) so I hibernate most of the winter. I can appreciate winter's first heavy snow fall.... then that's it! A yearning for spring takes over and I look for indoor stimulation until mid March. One thing I like to do is set the table for charming dinners, teas, and even Chinese take out. Collecting cloth table napkins, candles and vases can all be done year round. When winter strikes and we have a DC metro snow day (where nothing moves if we get 2" or more) I'm ready to pull out my favorite color pallets and experiment... it's loads of fun!!

Elegant dining can be done while at a Florida beach house. Bring in natural elements such as shells and banana leaves for the table scape.
The outdoor light fixture sets a casually romantic mood to the space at sunset.....How lovely a dinner party would feel..
here in January.

(images: HGTV)

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TravelDiva said...

I like the centerpiece in the first pic, but the candles might be overkill for me.