Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year....Red

We at Red River Interiors absolutely love the color red.
Red speaks confidence, exuberance, energy... lots of fun!!
Red says take me seriously... t's flirty and of course bold!! It's all in how you use it and where.
So, this year don't be afraid to use it liberally... Energize your new year and paint it Red.

An entire red room? ...Walls and ceiling, try it. This foyer invites one to come in and stay.
image: HGTVDon't be shy about it... yes, red can top it off.
The Chinese have always known the power of red since ancient times. This wall speaks to me. Working here can only be a delight!!
image: HGTV
Who said you can't sleep in a red room?... Don't believe it. Any 13 year old girl could sleep here. Try it... She'll like it.... Red velvet pillows and all.

image: Red River Interiors
Image: Red River Interiors
How about just a pinch of red to punch up a classic black and white spa bath?

So start the year off with a splash! Plan to do so something in your house that you've wanted to do for a long time. De-clutter and organize.... Start with a guest room, foyer, or maybe a powder room. These are places where you can make a big impact and are safe spaces to experiment with. But, the bottom line is to start. Encourage yourself to create the life you want to live.

Email me if you need design inspiration... I'm loaded with lots of great ideas !! I'd love to share a few with you....... Be Blessed....Fay

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