Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Great Way to Recycle & Reuse

I recently discovered the local Habitat for Humanity has a great way to reuse and recycle anything that goes into a house. We all know they have a great organization to assist people in need with home ownership. But they also have Restores where contractors & vendors can donate new and slightly used products for home building. I contacted my local chapter & found out they will be accepting donations from designers & decorators to sell at a special event in the spring....I think I'll donate some beautiful drapery fabric remnants,valances and a few panels. I'm sure these items will sell well and contribute to building a new home for a family in need.....Reuse and recycle offer so many benefits....I'm really on fire in keeping this 2008 goal/resolution....Thanks Habitat for the opportunity to give...

See interview on Fox News at the Restore in Alexandria,VA:


Pigtown-Design said...

I won a bathroom at a neighbourhood party (go figure!) and so i donated it to our local ReStore. I also founded a non-profit architectural salvage biz in Baltimore about 7 years ago... second chance.

Love your blog!

Red River Interiors said...

Thanks pigtown for your comments.
I love finding new ways to use something that would be discarded.

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