Chandeliers by Flambeau Lighting

Tivoli Gold 5 Arm Chandelier $1,199
30" W X 25" H X 30" D
Hand finished metal striped shades, Fixture arms detailed with contrasting finished stars and coil wrap
Accented with clear crystal elements

Tivoli 5 Arm Silver Chandelier $1,199

Mosaic Chandelier $999
37" W X 39" H X 37" D
Strands of streaming mosaic jewels detail ten elegant arms

Sweet Olive 6 Arm Chandelier $999
30" W X 35" H X 30 D
Inspired by the flowing branches and leaves of the olive tree. Gilded leaf accents and candle like
 fixtures will accent any dining room beautifully

La Fleur Chandelier $1,399
48" W X 50" H X 48" D
This 5 arm chandelier flows with gold and silver blossoms.
Copper branches are tipped with gold leaf buds, all topped off with taupe and cream striped shades